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The Nomad's Crown (Xandria)

on 25-02-2014 by Abrakt  

Xandria - Lullaby

on 01-10-2009 by imaginary92  

diary of dreams tears of laughter

on 10-07-2011 by xandria  

zro project gothic

on 24-11-2010 by xandria  

Xandria - The Wind and the Ocean

on 07-10-2009 by imaginary92  

xandria so you disappear

on 22-03-2012 by Mohammed Al Qabbani  

xandria save my life

on 23-10-2011 by Melanie Hawkins  

Xandria Now and Forever cover by ELEGANCE

on 22-11-2014 by Olga Salikhova  

xandria ravenheart

on 05-05-2015 by Starty The Hedgehog Cat  

xandria in love with the darkness

on 21-06-2015 by Jhonatan Tejeda  


on 21-08-2016 by karren C  

Xandria-Winterhearted Instrumental/Karaoke Cover

on 04-06-2016 by FrequencyWarriorsOfficial  

xandria now and forever anunnaki project mashuprmx demo free dl

on 22-10-2013 by ✯ ✫ ANUNNAKI PROJECT ✫ ✯  

Xandria - Eversleeping piano cover

on 01-02-2010 by Thewayofmusic  

Xandria - So you disappear

on 25-10-2007 by Martin LA  

Gear Run Down Drums - Gerit from Xandria

on 25-10-2014 by Xandria_Official